Elves are the eldest race of the world and they have the highest developed civilisation. Even armies of terrible and inexorable enemies shown respect for the armies of the elves. Elves have a paleness colour of the skin and noble, beautiful lineaments. It is said that elves are immortial and not so susceptible of illness as, for example, dwarfs or the humans.

In there early years elves were prepaired in fight,- and war skills. Therefore elves govern masterly sword, bow and spear. Elves with noble descent also learn riding with exceptional dexterity and enter normally into a elite unit. The weapons and armour are skilful craft and were normally carry forward from father to the son. The armour consist of "Ithilmar" which is very rare and translated means "sky silver".

Elves developed the sorcery on a high standard but only female elves possess this skill. Every female elf is riding a unicorn which elect the elf. Belannaer is the only male elf who possess sorcery. He is always seen with his cat which has wings and is able to fly.

Aenarion and Alarielle reign the elves kingdom today. They are able to transform into the figures of there deitries. Aenarion then transform to "Orion" who is the god of the forest and earth and Alarielle transform to "Ishar" the goddess of the air. Both are protected from a elite unit called the phoenix regiment. These warriors swear a holy oath never to speak and they are all halberdiers.

There daughter is called Ariel and her riding horse is called "Stormwind" a pegasi. Ariel is also protected by a elite unit which consist of 100 beautiful elvesmaids who govern the sword, bow and spear as good as the best elves knights.

The army standard of the elves shows the "Tree of living" in which in their legend Aenarion and Alarielle will return after there dead. The standard is weaved from the hair of elvesmaids and then protected with a strong sorcery who made the standard indestructible. During a battle she is solemn by a warrior who has fight in many battles before. Also today it is a great honour if a warrior is elected to solemn the standard.

In present days there are only a few dragons alive. Most of the time the dragons guard there lairs and there treasure. But a few elves had the possibility to ride them during wartime. Those elves also protect the dragons during peacetime for adventurers. Due to that elves receive a powerful weapon during a battle.