More than 2000 years ago a civil war began under the elves population. For decades both sides fought without a winner. Rehhaile, better known later as the witch queen, tried to seize the power to herself in a bloody coup d ètat. Rehhaile and her followers, which were named soon darkelves, left the path of the elder elves gods and turned to the forbidden power of black magic. Finally the elves defeated their brothers and banish them out of there kingdom. The darkelves went into exile to Lartroxia. From there they often push into the elves kingdom to defeat their brothers.

Rehhaile is the first witch queen since the darkelves were defeated 2000 years ago. She lives in her fortress Dan-Legeth and practise there the black magic. Rehhaile is still so beautiful as she was during the civil war. It is said, that she takes once per year a bath in the blood from the slaves to restore her beauty during a ceremonies. During a battle she fights with her "dark sword" in which are the powerful spells of grown blind and weakening were weaved.

The pitiless female witch warriors are also named "brides of Khaine". For the darkelves Khaine is the god of war. Before fighting in a battle they are drinking blood to put into madness. Her weapons are poisoned and everyone is killed if he is injured

Dessalyn was a female darkelve hero and were promoted from Rehhaile to a general of her armed forces. Although she is able to fly she likes riding one of her demons. At every time the darkelves used demons to reinforce there forces. But no darkelve is as good in this as Dessalyn. She is the only one who went into the different demon Plaines to search for new demons on which she can ride into a battle. It is said that her prison in Karond-Kor is full of different demons. Her favourite is a double mouth demon.